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Traditional T-shirts are the first choice when we talk about casual wear for men and women, but evolution in the fashion circuit has made a clear passage for options, including t shirts with curved hems. The rounded hem t shirt has become a popular choice in recent years, forcing more apparel manufacturers to introduce different variations and designs in this thriving clothing category.


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What is a Curved Hem T-shirt?

The nomenclature of a curved hem t-shirt comes from the rounded bottom hemline. The regular hemline t-shirt style is a straight cut, and streetwear styles often favor the curved hem.

What Makes a Hem T-Shirt Different from a Regular T-Shirt?


The difference that is prominent between a curved T-shirt and a regular T-shirt lies in the bottom. The curved hem T-shirt has a rounded hemline whereas the regular T-shirt comes with a straight hemline.

Curved hem t-shirts have been favored by the evolving fashion trends and have taken the clothing industry by storm. The t-shirts with rounded hems not only fit perfectly but provided easy access pockets. They have been a popular choice among people of all ages and have erupted as a streetwear statement.

However, the basic T-shirts come with a straight hemline and are stitched to be fitted perfectly for each body type. Although, regular T-shirts are literally for everyone and anyone can find a perfect fit it’s not the same with shirts with rounded hem as not many people might find them ideal other than a few.

The rounded hem t shirts are a bit longer than a regular fit which makes them stand out among all other options.

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What is the Hem of a Shirt?

The hem of a shirt is defined by its shape, which is the bottom end of the shirt, which is folded and hemmed to create a finished edge on the garment. The hem of a rounded bottom t-shirt is a bit unorthodox in its length providing it with the perfect streetwear look. 

What Makes a Perfect Curved Hem T-shirt?


There are various elements that come together in making a perfect curved hem t-shirt.


The curved hem t shirts ideally have a long rounded bottom but the shape is a factor that dictates how a curved hem t-shirt appears when you wear it. The shape of the mens curved hem tees determines where they are supposed to be worn untucked or tucked in beneath the shirts that have a tailored hemline.


Length is one more factor that makes a visible difference when it comes to a t shirt with a curved hem. The tail of a rounded hem t-shirt is noticeably longer making its appearance distinguished and unique.


One thing that remains paramount among the curved hem t shirts and the regular fit t-shirts is the quality. It makes all the difference when it comes to the finishing and the stitching of a curved hem t-shirt as all of the factors combined help the buyers to judge the appearance of apparel.

Popular Curved Hem Tee Options

Here are a few popular options for curved hem t shirts that you can get online.

KLIEGOU Men’s 100% Cotton Hipster Hip Hop Longline T-shirt

The KLIEGOU Men’s 100% Cotton Hipster Hip Hop Longline T-shirt is a perfect option for you if you are looking for style with a pinch of versatility. The curved hem t-shirt option comes in a variety of colors along with a long sleeve choice.

Hat and Beyond Men’s Hipster Curve Hem Droptail Tee Longline T-Shirt


The Hat and Beyond Men’s Hipster Curve Hem Droptail Tee Longline T-Shirt is a no-brainer if you are looking for comfortable round bottom t-shirts with a diverse range of basic color options.

Benefits of Curved Hem T-Shirts

  • ·         Comfortable fit and easy to pair with any kind of bottoms
  • ·         Easy access to the pockets due to longer bottom stretch
  • ·         A perfect choice among popular streetwear options

Where to Find the Perfect Hem Tees?

The popularity of various curved hem t-shirts has resulted in different T-shirt options that are available online and at leading clothing brands. The quest for a perfect curved hem t-shirt has become relatively easy as you can find them at nearly every eCommerce platform and get your choice of t-shirt. Different apparel manufacturers have started to offer unique designs and sizes at affordable prices.

If you are looking for a customized curved hem T-shirt then Affix Apparel has got all the solutions for you. You can get the curved bottom t-shirt made according to your provided measurements and enjoy the perfect fit at the lowest prices.