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Affix Apparel is an expert made-to-order clothing manufacturer that enables brands to exhibit their unique identities with unmatched quality and sophistication. Being a top private-label clothing manufacturer, we are experts at turning ideas into custom clothing that appeals to and resonates with your target market.

As a pioneer custom clothing maker, we provide one-stop solutions to meet the diverse needs of retailers of all sizes. We make use of innovative design and production techniques to meet the industry's highest standards.

Our customer-centric strategy places a high value on matching our services to each client's unique vision. We streamline the customization process with a knowledgeable staff committed to responding to your demands on time. We don’t stop there! Affix Apparel, the custom clothing manufacturer for startups, offers high-quality, reasonably priced customization options on MOQ as low as 50 pieces. The success of your brand starts here!

Starting from as low as 50 customized pieces

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Custom Jeans Manufacturer

Providing premium quality jeans at competitive prices, we are denim manufacturers offering a full line of jeans in a variety of styles, fittings, colors, and designs. Fits include skinny fits, mom fits, slim fits, ripped, stretch, cropped, flare, high-rise, bell-bottom jeans, etc.

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Cut And Sew Manufacturing

As cut and sew manufacturers, we customize your garments from raw fabric. We create each item within your custom clothing line with care and attention. The quality of our cut-and-sewn apparel generally exceeds that of mass-produced apparel.

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Leggings Manufacturer

Leggings have become the cornerstone of women’s casual fashion, and we understand that. We offer a wide range of leggings that meet the demands of fitness enthusiasts, whether it's classy exercise leggings, sublimation versions, or comfy capris to maintain their comfort and ease.

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Custom Leather Goods

We are quality leather goods manufacturers making a mark in the industry for years now, and we offer production and development services for other brands. Whether for corporate gifts or a small production batch to start your leather brand, we got you!

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Custom Cushion Covers

We specialize in manufacturing indoor and outdoor custom cushion covers with a variety of customization options. Cushions made by Affix are guaranteed to be custom-made to your exact specifications in a wide variety of fabric options at an affordable price.

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Hat Manufacturing

Affix specializes in manufacturing custom headgear and hats for action sports, street fashion, and lifestyles. With premium quality hats at affordable prices, we can customize the color, fabric, and design of the hat according to your needs.

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Custom Sweatshirts

For customers who need custom-made sweatshirts made according to their preferences, Affix Apparel is the perfect choice. As a one-stop shop for all your stylish sweatshirt needs, we are dedicated to sustainable, high-quality products.

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Custom Made T-Shirt

While T-shirt sales are huge, they're dominated by boring blanks that don't provide your customers with the inspiration they need to stand out. By offering apparel from Affix T-shirt manufacturers, you give your customers a chance to stand out!

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Bra Manufacturer

Affix clothing manufacturers offer intricately designed bras that provide unmatched comfort and support. Featuring premium materials, our bras seamlessly integrate style and function, ensuring confidence and comfort all day long.

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Underwear Manufacturer

We offer a wide selection of premium underwear that offers unmatched comfort. The perfect fit, softness, and durability of our underwear leave you feeling comfortable and confident for hours on end. heights.
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Lingerie Manufacturers

Custom Neck Gaiter

Enhance your style and safeguard yourself with our personalized neck gaiters. Combining versatility and fashion, these accessories provide a customized flair while delivering a snug and pleasant fit for different occasions.

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Swimwear and Bikini Manufacturers

Custom Socks Manufacturer

Step with style and comfort in our customized socks. Precisely crafted by expert custom apparel manufacturers USA, these socks seamlessly merge superior artistry with personalized designs, turning every walk into a unique expression of individuality.

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A Dig into Limitless Possibilities of Our Customization Options!

Give your brand a solid kick with our specialized private labeling solution. We expertly incorporate your exclusive label into our premium clothing to create a polished and unique item that fully conveys your business individuality. We execute your idea with exceptional accuracy and attention to detail.


Custom Screen Printing

Use our custom screen printing service to create an outstanding impression on your customers. We apply vibrant, long-lasting inks to imprint your company's name, images, and messaging onto high-quality textiles. Our state-of-the-art technology guarantees vivid, striking designs that draw in viewers.

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All-Over Sublimation Printing

With Affix’s all-over sublimation printing, bring out your creativity. We make every square inch of your clothing into a vivid, picture-perfect canvas. Our cutting-edge sublimation technique ensures durable, crisp prints that distinguish your business. Uncover boundless opportunities and create a lasting impact on your clientele.

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Lingerie Manufacturers

Custom Embroidery

Use our custom embroidery to uplift your brand’s sophistication. Our skilled makers precisely stitch your designs into high-quality textiles to give them a plush, textured feel. Elegance blends with precision to guarantee that your clothes convey the outstanding quality that is associated with your brand.

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Swimwear and Bikini Manufacturers

Apparel Packaging Bags

Complete your brand's presentation with our premium apparel packaging bags. Our bags are made to last and look well, adding to your consumers' unboxing experience. Improve the perceived value of your brand with chic packaging that represents Affix Apparel's dedication to quality.

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What Sets Us Apart as Your Clothing Manufacturer for Small Business?

1. Industry Expertise

Affix Apparel is committed to exceptional craftsmanship. You can be assured that every stitch we make in our custom apparel factory is a testament to our excellence. Let our expertise and precision elevate your brand from concept to creation.

 2. Tailored Solutions for Brands

Every brand and its needs are unique. The tailor-made solutions offered by Affix clothing manufacturers are exclusive to brands. No matter how large or small your company is, our manufacturers of custom clothes give you a competitive edge.

 3. Private-Label Excellence

With Affix Apparel's expertise in private-label production, you can boldly display your brand. With the help of our smooth and discrete private-label services, you can make sure that your brand stands out and makes an impression on your target audience.

 4. Top Quality Apparel

Quality at Affix Apparel is not negotiable. Our strict quality control procedures ensure that every clothing item meets the highest industry standards. From selecting the finest fabrics to final inspection, we are dedicated to manufacturing apparel that meets and even exceeds expectations.

 5. Fast Turnaround Times

It is imperative that deadlines are met, and we are aware of how important they are for vendorsto make clothing. We at Affix Apparel pride ourselves on our quick turnaround without compromising on quality. Make a lasting impression on the market by launching your collections on time.

 6. Trendsetting Designs

Use Affix Apparel's innovative designs to stay on top of trends. We have an in-house team of custom clothes manufacturers and designers that is always coming up with new and appealing ideas. Wearing apparel that not only establishes but also follows trends will help you build your brand.


Lowest MOQ, Maximum Impact

Affix Apparel offers a minimum MOQ that allows you to order in modest quantities with freedom. Accessible solutions are guaranteed worldwide by our dedication to perfecting small-batch manufacturing. With high-quality apparel made to your quantity specifications, custom clothing for small businesses has never been easier.

Professionals at Your Service

At Affix, professionalism is the driving force that fuels our commitment to excellence. Our tight-knit team of skilled and professional creators, like a dedicated family, is here to serve you. Trust Affix, a reputable manufacturer, to make your clothing designs, ensuring every seam and design aligns seamlessly with your vision, fostering a productive and robust working partnership.

Quality Sample Development

Boost your brand with Affix's expertly crafted sample lines. Our skilled team of designers and fabricators pays close attention to every step, from designing and selecting fabrics to creating patterns, cutting, sewing, and adding the final touches. Rely on us to turn your vision into reality with skill and precision.

First-Class Custom Labeling

Refine the look of your product with Premium Custom Labeling from Affix. As producers of private label apparel, we provide premium labels that you can customize to your exact needs. Make a lasting impression on the market with unique branding that highlights the superior qualities of your company.

Tracking Down the Custom Fabric

We, as an established custom clothing manufacturer, source custom-knitted fabric to meet the unique fabric requirements of our customers. The quality of the fabric is top-grade, as we are determined to provide the finest quality at the best prices.

Affix is your go-to custom clothing manufacturer, sourcing knit fabric specifically to fit your needs. Enjoy superior fabric quality that is a reflection of our commitment to offering the best materials at competitive costs. 

Lightning-Fast Manufacturing Process

Take advantage of Affix's quick sample production and manufacturing for timely and effective service. Our smooth implementation of your designs and quick turnaround times are what we take great pride in. Count on us to accelerate your manufacturing from conception to completion, guaranteeing your items arrive on the market in a timely manner.

Still Wondering Where to Find a Manufacturer to Make Your Clothing Designs?

Transform your brand with Affix Apparel, the best place to go for high-end customized clothing manufacturers! Affix is your one-stop shop for enhancing your brand identity, offering low MOQ options, premium custom labeling, creative design knowledge, and the ability to source high-quality custom fabrics. Our committed group of expert producers promises accuracy in each stitch. Take advantage of our blazing-fast manufacturing service, which guarantees trendy and timely product launches.

Are you prepared to redefine success for your brand? Contact Affix Apparel creators now! Together, let's design apparel that not only captures your unique brand style but also makes you stand out in the competitive industry. Our customized solutions and exceptional quality make your imprint in style!

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