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Affix Apparel offers toddler clothing and customized clothing for teens and children from shorts, pants, romper to custom made t-shirts. We provide a wide collection of fashion accessories for girls and boys. From vintage, retro t-shirts to plain t-shirts. From customized cuts and fittings to ready-made garments. Our highly trained designers will give you the best you need to make your child rock his style statement.

There are several different forms of processes used in t-shirt printing alongside sublimation printing. Clothing manufacturers are now using versatile methods to print their inventory. Such techniques can include screen printing, silk screen printing, flock screen printing, High density 3D printing , discharge screen printing, puff screen printing, glow in the dark printing etc. Silk screen printing, it is a versatile printing method. The buyer is expected to provide his personalized design for custom screen printing.

Custom Boy Clothing

We know that children want a balance of comfort and fashion when it comes to clothes. Dressing a child can be a challenging job for most parents, because they find it hard to dress them in the right way, according to their appearance and style. It would not be wrong to claim that after women's clothing manufacturing, children's clothing manufacturing has the most demand.

Dressing every day can be a challenging job to do, but when it's done properly, it makes you look super cool, but looking cool and impressive takes some outfit preparation and accessories.

When it comes to dressing up your child in a proper and stunning way try classic fashion because it's never going out of date and it's easier to mix and match other pieces of clothing. Other than recent fashion can make a teenager and your child look stylish, you just need to know about the latest trends and adopt them. Go for bright colors because they always make your child look super chic or mix bright colors with light shades, for example, you can match a dark blue jeans or a dark blue skirt with a white or any lighter color like baby pink. Considering your body as you pick up something to wear, you can do wonders, get to know the shape of your baby's body and dress it up. Affix Apparel offers the best custom clothing for children.