Affix Apparel is an emerging apparel company offering versatile private label services to different brands in the United States. Affix has been a prominent force in the clothing industry for the last 10 years and has dedicated resources for clothing brands to help them in building up their identity in the market.

We offer our services in different types of clothing products such as hoodies, T-shirts, tops, jackets, and sportswear. Our primary goal as emerging apparel manufacturers is to align our services depending on the needs of different brands and offer them the best that they can get in the clothing market. We believe in introducing the brands with newer and effective ideas that they use to boost their presence in the clothing circuit.

We at Affix provide various services including material sourcing, grading, pattern designing, sampling sizing, and shipping so we can offer everything under one roof. We would take care of everything once you have given us the design so you can focus on things that actually matter for your clothing business.


One-Stop Solution for Emerging Clothing Brands

Affix Apparel believes in no limits and the testimony of this is our no MOQ policy to facilitate the emerging brands. We start from a minimum of 50pcs to enable the small-scale brands to make their way into the industry. Affix as a modern cut and sew company is the best possible for your brand of you are aiming to start from scratch in order to make your name in the market.

Apart from catering the small orders, we are also capable of handling all kinds of bulk quantity needs so we can provide something for everyone. Our commitment to quality remains firm with strict quality control and customer-friendly delivery timelines so your order can reach you within the given time frame.

We also have considerable experience in hoodies manufacturing which makes Affix Apparel a suitable option for the brands to get the hoodies manufactured according to their needs. Our team of skilled designers ensures that the design of the products matches the requirements of the customer.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Goal

Affix Apparel as an established enterprise understands the importance of customer satisfaction and that is what propels us to move forward. We ensure that product samples are sent to the customer before we start working on the production and other aspects. We are open to making adjustments in the products according to the demands of the customer so they can get what they need in a hassle-free fashion.

We are home to different size options as we understand that many brands might require different sizing options for the same design to entertain their client base. You only have to provide us with the desired measurements and we would make sure that the final product matches the dimensions that you have requested from us.

We at Affix as leading apparel manufacturers make sure that we take our clients in confidence and inform them step by step throughout the manufacturing process. We provide our private label services at a global scale along with our targeted regions including the U.S, Australia, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

Our prices are the lowest in the industry allowing small-scale businesses to get in touch without worrying about hefty pricing and shipping rates. We believe in transparency hence there wouldn’t be any hidden charges other than the actual amount.

We are committed to offering customer service via video call so our customers can get a brief insight into our manufacturing methods and the quality standards that we follow during the production procedures.

You can contact us through our website or email and we would be at your service without any delay. Our customers can also contact us through all the popular social media links provided on our website.