To satisfy some of the most demanding customers in the globe, Affix apparel provides you with a luxury selection of custom underwear men’s services. The correct pair of underpants, which not only keep you comfortable during the day but also provide exceptional performance in challenging circumstances, are the foundation of every ensemble.

Men's custom underwear can be made in our factory in a variety of styles, such as boxers, briefs, G-strings, jockstraps, long johns, shorts, and trunks, to mention a few. Because as the best cut and sew manufacturers, period, regardless of type, size, or style! With no hassle at all, you may use us to build a specialized and distinctive brand of male underwear maker.


One-stop shop of underwear manufacturers for your custom designs

The USA-made manufacturer Affix apparel produces a variety of men's apparel, including panties, underwear, and beachwear. Our specialty is producing a variety of styles. Our area of expertise is the technical design of cutting-edge, stylish intimates for the contemporary.

Our team of professionals is always prepared to give you steadfast support throughout the procedure by giving you frequent updates at each stage. Therefore, Affix apparel can handle your requirements and specifications regardless of how complicated they may be. Additionally, our talented and experienced tailors adore taking on new and difficult tasks.

Alluring and comfy underwear manufacturers USA for both men and women

For both women’s and men’s underwear manufacturers, Affix apparel offers a selection of high-quality boxers, trunks, and briefs. Our styles are available in a wide range of colors and sizes, so you can pick the appearance and fit that's right for you.

Our styles are perfect for the modern man and woman since they give you all the support you need to get through the day while also making you feel good about yourself and at ease. To the very last thread, Affix apparel underwear manufacturer is entirely in the USA. From the materials used to our customer service and purchase process, and have taken great care and are completely devoted to quality across all levels.

Affix apparel is adamant about following our standards and having decent working practices and assisting young people in this cutthroat business in developing critical skills and supporting the textile sector. We have developed a line of fashionable, timeless, reasonably priced men's and women's underwear to complement the way of life.

Custom-made underwear

Custom-made underwear for men's

Affix apparel uses the newest technology as the top sportswear manufacturer for clients worldwide to produce underwear of the highest caliber. Therefore, if you are a startup looking to compete with established clothing manufacturer companies and huge brands, this is where you can develop your winning plan.

With us, you are in charge at all times. Only after receiving your approval can proceed with your purchase once you choose the cloth you want to work with. So why are you still waiting? Please utilize this chance to present us with your tech packs and witness how Affix apparel materializes and implements your ideas.

Custom design panties

Custom design panties

Affix apparel is a comfortable, simple-to-wear panties manufacturer with bespoke designs because of our understanding of the physiology of guys across all age groups. With the help of our production capabilities, and have been helping companies provide fashionable underwear to their customers, fostering brand loyalty.

We offer everything you require because of among the leading suppliers of custom-made men’s underwear. Affix apparel diligently takes every measurement and adheres to the best practices in the business when it comes to mass production.

Custom-printed men's underwear

Custom-printed men's underwear

The best manufacturer of men’s custom design underwear is the only place to turn. We are here to provide you with superior customization services to embellish and make your concepts stand out from the crowd. With the help of our clothing printing services, you may generate significant interest in your stylish and well-chosen line of men's underwear.

Affix apparel is the top manufacturer of men's underwear and provides vide a huge selection of printing and decorating options. This includes screen printing, digital printing, dye sublimation, and DTG (Direct to Garment).

Custom private-label underwear

Custom private-label underwear

Consumer preferences are constantly changing, as we are all too aware. You may quickly adapt to the trends and win over your customers with the help of our private-label underwear production. Our private-label manufacturer is an easy solution for you because customers these days like to wear items that are specifically tailored for them.

Affix apparel is a top-notch underwear manufacturer USA facility that is well-equipped with all the tools and machinery needed to create a bespoke item for you straight away.