We are a design-driven, high-end bra manufacturer that uses exquisitely detailed cutting and delicately embroidered edges to express glamour and sophistication. For small to medium-sized intimate clothing, bra, and athleisure businesses, including start-ups, we offer an all-inclusive solution that ranges from mentoring new and established brands to offering design, development, and production services.

We translate your initial creative concepts into reality while collaborating closely with the customer. Affix apparel is a fully functional bra manufacturer that collaborates both domestically and internationally. Our specialties include bras, swimwear, men's underwear, lingerie wear, athleisure, and private-label manufacturing. We can provide you with comprehensive or specific services.

Our bras also feel light and comfy material, allowing you to move freely. We have added fabric with 85% polyester and 15% spandex to enhance the lifetime of our clothing in addition to way stretch, and lightweight wear.


Design and aesthetic expertise manufacturing at an intimate bra factory

We are renowned for our affordable costs, lightning-quick turnaround times, and superior design work as bra makers. Affix apparel is expertly produced in the USA using specialized training and industry experience. We believe that well-fitting bras should be available for ladies of all shapes and sizes so they may feel beautiful.

Each piece is designed, cut, and manufactured, every garment is carefully crafted to ensure that you will have one that lasts. We place a great value on comfort and fit so that you feel supported and confident wearing our bra manufacturer.

Affix apparel service will handle the rest; just let us know about your product ideas. We guarantee both high caliber and prompt delivery. Just for you, they are precisely carved and built.

High-performance Sports Bra Company makes it flexible and stretchy

Have you been looking for a bra sportswear manufactures who supports you in vain? We made our own since we understand your suffering. For high-impact sports like jogging, a high-quality bra has been designed by Affix apparel to provide the support and comfort required.

Because of our high level of coverage, the sports bra can, if preferred, be worn alone under a sports top, making it the perfect choice for hotter workouts.

If you are just getting started, we are the ideal business to work with to realize your vision because we are accustomed to dealing with young and emerging brands. You should consider these questions when choosing the best women's sportswear company to make your sports bras.

Add some new high-quality sports bra manufacturers to your assortment of athletic clothing to make your company stand out.

Sublimation printing Bra

Custom bra

The ideal custom bra differs from person to person because humans come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. In the end, a small-chested woman won't be able to wear the same bra as a woman with a wider chest and broad shoulders. We are an ideal custom bra manufacturer of wire-free and offer complete comfort and support. The greatest option for any casual style is a seamless bra.

Affix apparel underwear manufacturer is stepping up to the plate of appeal and comfort, without sacrificing good quality and versatility, and offering options like a bespoke bra.

Sublimation printing Bra

Sublimation printing Bra

Sports bra manufacturers can make personalized with full sublimation printing in addition to shirts. Affix apparel custom sublimation sports bras are adaptable, allowing you to use them while exercising and in the water.

Our sports bras won't crack or fade because of full sublimation printing, making them ideal for outdoor activities. Because they can be completely customized with all-over print sublimation to match your specific demands, these customized sports bras are an excellent substitute for traditional swimming tops. So you can bring your Affix apparel sports bra manufacturer with you whether you're exercising or swimming.

Custom engraving hats

Custom embroidery bra

One of our top priorities as a clothing manufacturer is producing the highest caliber products. For embroidery durability and functionality, we use premium fabrics with 4-way stretch to construct our bras and lingerie. Bras that are embroidered with custom designs are a fantastic way to customize your active and swimwear. Our personalized shirts are fashionable while still being cozy and long-lasting, and the bra's elasticity and four-way stretch make it possible for the fabric to be flexible while being active.

With the help of embroidery service, you can add bespoke designs and a huge selection of colors to your sports bra maker or swim top to highlight your business or favorite color.