Things To know Before Clothing Samples Production


Is It Worth Producing Clothing Samples Before Production?

Do you need to see what your product looks like pre-made? To know what it will look like, you may create clothing samples. They are one-offs that the manufacturer sends to a designer expressing the quality and size one would receive in order.

Prototype garments are necessary before creating any hefty amount of clothing. They help you control the risk as you see just what the result will be. It takes several samples to end up with the perfect product. However, this may create a lot of wastage.

People are highly concerned with fashion waste nowadays. The fashion industry produces 40 times more waste than the consumers. 85% of it is discarded or burnt in the local landfill, and only 15% is recycled. Thus, there are alternative ways to avoid waste.

Importance of Clothing Samples

clothing sample production

Sample clothing is essential for every designer. Sometimes, the designers may request samples from different clothing vendors. It helps in comparing several offerings with each other. It is the stage where you can ask for any amendments before production.

The only way to ensure your design quality is the production of samples. Suppliers provide prototypes to the manufacturers before producing in bulk. With these samples, you have more power over the production process.

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Varieties of Apparel Samples

Pre-production Samples

It is also known as ‘Top of the Order Sample’ or ‘Costing Sample.’ Clothing sample manufacturers use pre-production samples to prove the pattern. If you want to assess the reliability of bulk production, estimate your costs, or evaluate the price range, you can order a pre-production sample. It is the accepted form of your design and the final step before the start of the mass production.

clothing prototype

Prototype Samples

You may need a prototype sample of the original design to know what it will look like at the end. The outline might ask for a personalized pattern. Thus, the apparel sample maker might need to create a mold. You bear the cost of such productions. Sometimes, the manufacturer might subtract the cost of producing the prototype sample from your purchase order.

A substitute for making Samples

Processing each design along the sample stages can be time-consuming and costly. Also, it can result in a vast amount of waste production. The washing activities or any other effects may end up harming the environment.

To overcome these concerns, 3D Fashion Design Software is at your service. It helps you create a virtual 3D model and reduces the number of samples needed. It is beneficial for saving material, time, and costs, especially for products you will never manufacture.

3D Sample Making – The Solution

Instead of producing samples physically and adding up to the waste, you can create endless 3D digital patterns without any wastage. The latest technology helps you visualize real-world apparel before processing it.

If you want to sustain yourself in the fashion industry, 3D technology is the only way out because Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is becoming highly common among clothing prototype manufacturers. It will help you design patterns and save money by avoiding infinite waste production.

The demand for 3D visualization is increasing. Therefore to meet these demands, you can avail several services. Plotting, custom 3D assets, marker making, grading, and pattern designing are some services we offer.

clothing prototype


What is a clothing sample?

It is the process of developing samples of the desired result. Clothing samples are unique products of a manufacturer sent to the designer, including fabric, description, zippers, buttons, composition, size, quantity, looks, color specifications, product style, embroidery details, reference number, etc. Therefore, clothing sample works as a connecting bridge between producers and buyers.

There are various types of clothing samples such as proto samples, promotional or salesman samples, fit samples, size samples, pre-production or top of production samples, shipment samples, Muslin samples, photo samples, show samples, etc.

How do you make a clothing sample?

When you give all the correct and necessary information to the factory, they produce the sample according to your desires. It all starts with an initial sample creation, all the way to the production.

The initial sample is the model designed based on the patterns and requirements you give to the manufacturer. There can be mistakes in the prototype. However, you will have to check it properly and accurately to be concise.

clothing sample

The Pre-Production Sample is the approved one, with which you are happy. You can compare any new samples to this pre-production sample. It sets the level for what the factory should produce in bulk. Any more prototypes will double-check the grading for all sizes and the production quality. The suppliers show it to the buyers to sell the product.

Size set means checking the size, not making any changes to the design. The factory makes two samples of each size of the garment you plan to produce. You receive these samples to check every measurement. You can still make changes, but it is not essential now.

Production Sample is the final sample you receive. It is when you place your order for mass production with your factory. Extracting a few completed samples from the process will get you what you want. If it is not as per your requirements, either the factory will have to bear the costs, or you will pay for it.

Who is an apparel sample maker?

A sample maker is an expert who stitches the designs for a fashion designer. They sew the apparel according to the material and design of the designers. The clothing prototype maker works with the designer to stitch samples as per the needs and requirements.

They are the ones who create designs to identify any issues before the production process. Apparel sample maker puts the abstract ideas of the designer in a tangible version. Once it is approved, they make a sample. It is the standard for the production base.

How do you find a sample maker?

Firstly, you will have to have a business idea and some funds to finance it. It is vital to find a sample maker for your clothing business. They find out the skills, materials, and techniques that a producer needs. You can often find sample makers working with designers for long-term projects. So, when you find a good one, keep them. The following points might help.

Ask for work samples.

Request for their past and current clients.

Get a pricing estimate.

Share your vision.