Explore The Cardigan – 12 Different Types of Cardigans

types of cardigans

With its origins in the late 18th century, the cardigan has been around for a very long time. The unfortunate Charge of the Light Brigade led them to begin with the seventh Earl of Cardigan. Having received a head kick from a horse as a child, this Earl was not the smartest in the kingdom. He did, however, dress his men in his stylish manner and with his own money. This is the origin of the cardigan.

Although there are many different types of cardigans worn now, the early ones were less comfortable. Due to their use in battle, the different types of material were heavier and pressed against the skin more tightly. They have evolved into something that is more cozy and even more stylish with time. You can always browse the mint to locate the types of cardigans you wish to buy from some of these more stylish options. In this shop, the cardigan is available in a variety of appealing styles.

You’ll learn about some of the various cardigan types and styles that are worn now in this post. While some are really casual, others are substantially fancier. For every occasion and fashion, there is a certain sort of cardigan available.


What is a cardigan? A cardigan is an open-fronted sweater that typically has buttons that can be used to close the garment. You don a cardigan and slide your arms inside the sleeves rather than pulling it over your head. Cardigans frequently have a thin, light feel from the extremely fine knit that makes them ideal for layering.

Cardigans’ Importance

The greatest cardigans, in terms of vital clothing, are crucial for keeping your body warm in the winter and other cold climates. Each material used to make these women’s cardigans has a specific application and is used in a variety of ways. For the summer, cotton-made women’s cardigans are excellent. Similar to how men’s cardigans may be worn as a layering piece with an outfit to create a unique style, women’s cardigans are wonderful clothing items. Your clothing will appear much better if you choose the ideal cardigan.

What To Look For In A Cardigan? Buying Guide

types of cardigans

There are only two ways to wear a cardigan: tiny and fitted or open and flowy cardigans. These opposing cardigan styles are a perfect representation of the two attitudes in fashion today: pieces that prioritize the wearer’s comfort with baggy fits and easy materials contrast with those that prioritize ultra-sensual, provocative silhouettes (think look-at-me sheers and high-shine party wares) and for clothing manufacturers new startups.

Fitting And Cropped

Looking for cardigans produced from densely woven, compact knits in form-fitting designs if a more ostentatious aesthetic inspires you? You should wear a clingy knit sweater with no more than three buttons with mid-rise jeans and pants. For brave dressers who want their sweaters to reflect their daring sense of style, a cropped cardigan is another option. The tummy-baring different styles of cardigans may be worn with both modest daytime attire and daring after-hours looks, depending on how you dress it.

Long & Excessive

Make your giant cardigan sweater styles as long and droopy as you can. Ideally, it should appear as though you stole the cardigan from your grandfather’s wardrobe!

Longline coati gans, a hybrid cardigan-coat that is exactly what it sounds like, are emerging as a significant type of cardigan sweater in addition to roomy, borrowed-from-grandpappy choices.

It is referred to as “the perfect middle ground between the fashionable comfort of a cardigan and the practicality and warmth of a coat”. The item’s adaptability is also valuable and serves two purposes. “Even though the standard cardigan and coat are a useful investment, their wearable locations and times are frequently constrained. The Costigan, on the other hand, is designed to be worn both indoors and outside, making it the ideal loungewear partner and a chic outerwear alternative.

types of cardigans

12 Different Types Of Cardigans

It can be challenging to choose which type or style is best for you because there are so many available. We’ll examine some of the most popular 12 types of cardigans of female fashion trends in this blog post and go through them in brief.

Belted Cardigan

types of cardings

A belted cardigan is a jacket that has a button placket that opens the full length from the front, adding a fashionable finishing touch. The cardigan is given a lengthy belt to add a fashionable and feminine touch. This season’s ideal alternative is the chick long jacket with a belt, which was designed to be both comfortable and elegant.

Button Cardigan

types of cardigans

The greatest form of clothing available right now for women who want their cardigans to include buttons is a type of cardigan for ladies. Always having long sleeves and a collar, these types of cardigans are a staple in the wardrobe. Large buttons on the front of the cardigan’s knitted beige design complete its appearance. Another feature of the cardigan is its collar.

Boyfriend Cardigan 

types of cardigans

This stylish cardigan will help you stand out from the crowd because of its relaxed, out-of-the-office appearance. Even if the design is more akin to a cardigan with buttons, it unquestionably still looks good. Its simple, grey design features front pockets and buttons in the midsection. Full sleeves and a v-neckline are present on the front.

Cropped Cardigan

types of cardigans

When it comes to looking stylish, it can be better to purchase a white cardigan that is shorter. The versatility of this cardigan—which is its best feature—allows you to pair it with both dresses and jeans. A small number of colors are used in a very straightforward way. Small silver buttons in the center and full sleeves complete the garment.

Cardigan Vest

types of cardigans

This cardigan’s vents will unquestionably be ideal for your particular use case scenario if you want a long cardigan that is extended in length and nearly reaches your thighs. For casual occasions and outings, this kind of cardigan works well. The cardigan’s style is rather simple, with little body design or construction. Because the fabric is knit, it appears to have stripes.

Cardigan Sweater

types of cardigans

The front of a cardigan has buttons, zips, or snaps that allow for full opening. Cardigans, which are lightweight and hand-knit to add extra warmth, are the ideal middle-layer garment. Look at a cardigan that has a fashionable belt that may be worn for both daytime and nighttime outings.

Hooded Cardigan

types of cardigans

The hooded cardigan can help you best meet your needs if you are dealing with some of the coldest days of the year in your area and need to protect your hair from the snow and dry weather as well as keep your ears warm in addition to appearing stylish. With its olive color, it appears somewhat unremarkable, so there isn’t much to say. The sides of the cardigan each have two spacious pockets. On top of that, it has full sleeves.

Long Cardigan

types of cardigans

Long cardigans are very similar to open cardigans; they are frequently long enough to reach your knees and frequently contain a front zipper or noticeable buttons. If you are thin or skinny, the buttons are a great addition to your outfit. They wind up being a great alternative to long jackets and are lightweight as well.

Women’s longline cardigans can be purchased with the same fashion preferences and need as long cardigans because they are practically identical. This kind of cardigan’s front is also more open and functions as a form of a jacket. The cardigan’s only distinguishing feature, aside from the fact that it is full-sleeved, is grey. No such buttons or even pockets are present on the front, which is completely exposed.

Net Cardigan

types of cardigans

Despite how cozy and snug cardigans are, some people may still find them uncomfortable occasionally. Women’s net cardigans are the finest option if you want a garment that is extremely breathable for your skin. The knitted fabric of the net cardigans for women is perforated throughout. The front is open and has no pockets or buttons, and the sleeves are long.

Open Cardigan

types of cardigans

There are numerous designs for open cardigans. But despite having various hemlines and necklines, they all have the feature of having no buttons or hooks. Open cardigans can also be draped cardigans, which have a front opening and a neckline that envelops your body.

The finest outfit for summer is an open cardigan that keeps you from having to sit down while also keeping you looking stylish. The open cardigan with full sleeves is ideal for wearing both casually and to events. The cardigan has a straightforward pattern and a painting-like grey color scheme. The front is left open as usual and lacks any pockets or buttons.

Wrap Cardigan 

To allow you to wrap the cardigan around you, wrap cardigans are manufactured in wide shapes with a little additional fabric. These designs typically come with an attached belt that you use to fasten around your waist-length cardigan. Your face is more defined as a result. Wrap dresses are attractive on all body types since they draw attention to your waist and accentuate your bustline, which is always a good thing.

Zipped Cardigan 

types of cardigans

These top ladies’ cardigans should be the perfect fit for you if you don’t like a lot of buttons and prefer something classier and simpler to wear every day. Full sleeves are on this cardigan. The pattern is extremely simple, the color is grey, and the wrists of the sleeves are elasticized. Both a collar and a lengthy zip are on the front.

types of cardigans

Cardigan Style Tips

  • It will help to raise the total fashion quotient to accessorize distinctive women’s cardigans with numerous items like bags, scarves, belts, jewelry, etc.
  • A basic color palette will help highlight the look of the cardigans, so make sure to stick to it when choosing your outfits.
  • Your cardigans will blend in better if they are the same color as your tops.
  • You might go for fashionable heels like stilettos or pumps for your footwear or simply wear regular sneakers.

Final words

Try putting on all the different types of cardigans and learning about all the many cardigan-style possibilities you have. You can wear cardigans in a variety of ways and achieve a variety of appearances.