The 17 Best Types Of Panties Every Woman Should Know

types of panties

Depending on what you’re wearing, it’s critical to have a variety of panties. How many of you have experienced wearing a beautiful dress and having panty lines visible? At some point or another, almost all of us have encountered this messy situation. This is so that they can buy the simplest undergarments possible, which is what most women do. Why shouldn’t women choose the best pants to go with their bras?

Every season and situation calls for a particular pant, which is a fairly common understanding. In light of this, your collection of different pantie styles ought to be accurate. Every lady requires the following 17 types of underwear for women.

Folks, let’s proceed and see what suits you the best in the thin and unnoticeable world of panties.

What Types Of Panties Are There?

Women’s underwear type comes in a wide range of styles, and this time we’ll show you some of the options available on the market.

You would be surprised to learn that each form of clothing has its own beauty and that there are occasions when you should choose one over the other based on what you have worn your entire life.

In order to help you make the most of your lingerie wardrobe in terms of comfort and style, we have condensed our list to a few of the most popular categories of underwear.


types of panties

The bikini is a classic for any woman and is likely one of the most popular panty designs. Bikini pants provide complete coverage at the back and have high-cut linings at the legs. They are a little slimmer at the sides. These pants are ideal if you want to have adequate coverage without sacrificing style.


types of panties

Men’s briefs, or what we refer to as “men’s boxers,” are the source of inspiration for boyshorts, as the panty name implies. They function like panties but look quite similar to shorts. They are the most modest pants available since they provide complete coverage both in the front and the back. It is preferable to put them on underneath your skirt dresses and shorts.


types of panties

It’s time to make friends with the thong if you’re self-conscious about your obvious panty lines. Thongs are a fantastic option for removing those obvious panty lines because they offer no back covering. Wear them underneath and make your silhouette stand out even in those form-fitting clothes.


types of panties

The hipster is every type of girl’s panties that staple pairs of undies. It offers complete coverage at the back and sides and is without a doubt the most comfortable type of panty. Hipster pants’ versatility in terms of waist styles is its strongest feature. For instance, high-waist hipsters can help hide a protruding stomach and improve your appearance if you have one. Thanks to their superb coverage, these hipster pants are a perfect choice if you want to get through periods without any problem.


types of panties

Tanga pants are unquestionably sexy, even though they are not very well-liked. Their coverage falls in the middle of what a thong and a bikini offer—it is greater than a thong but less than a bikini. They work beautifully with dresses, leggings, and athletic tights.


types of panties

They have a tiny cloth triangle at the front and a thin string at the back for support, making them quite reminiscent of thongs. You should wear them because they are quite attractive,


types of panties

High-waist pants are what they are. As their name implies, they assist in tucking your stomach into those high-waist bands. They also mostly enclose your butt-cheeks. In other words, these high-waisted belly tuckers will take excellent care of your love handle. They act as a kind of body-shaper since the panty perfectly covers the sides of your tummy while allowing the bulges to remain firmly in place beneath it. These are ideal for wearing with form-fitting tops and dresses.


types of panties

These pants are comfortable to wear because they are composed of plush, high-quality fabrics. They are a terrific way to reduce the visibility of panty lines in addition to feeling extremely smooth against the skin.


types of panties


The waistband is smaller, so it almost looks like hipster clothing. It provides less coverage as a result. The naval remains lower. Different types of women’s underwear cheeks exist. There are so many of them, both small and large cheeksters.


types of panties

Despite having less coverage, V-string is probably G-string. A piece of clothing that covers the genitalia and is secured by the waistband, as well as a second band that runs under the body and is joined to the waistband.


types of panties

These particular panties are mostly intended to manage the body’s fluffy region. It is made of elastic fabric similar to spandex. It is typically worn underneath formal gowns, however, it can also be worn with casual attire.

Panties Layer

types of panties

Layered panties are those that have several laces linked to them in layers. The panty can be any style, including standard, thong, hipster, and more. This style of panties is worn with a bathing suit.


types of panties

Under dresses with a side that is translucent or perforated, this type of panty is worn. Wire holds a piece of cloth in place. The cloth used to conceal the genitalia is held against the body by that iron framework.

Sticky Panties

types of panties

Mostly, it is a single-type disposable panty. Since the panty has no waistband, adhesive is needed to wear it. Some of this sort can be recycled.

Butt Booster

types of panties

It is usually employed to accentuate the butt. A pad that enhances the butt is located on the backside. It covers a lot of ground and is extremely compact. With this foam-infused underwear, you’ll discover curves that seem natural and you never thought you could have.

Maternity Panty

types of panties

These panties offer the necessary support without exerting too much pressure because they are made of bamboo stretch fabric. They are crafted with specific materials that will keep up with your shifting shape without being too harsh on your skin. These pants are a need for all expectant mothers and occasionally feature anti-odor features to keep you fresh all day.

Period Panty

types of panties

Period panties are more comfortable and cost-effective alternatives to pads, tampons, and cups. They are meant to offer excellent coverage and be leak-proof. You can wear period pants with any outfit; all you need to do is choose the proper kinds of panties based on the rise and covering.

Which Type Of Panties Is Most Comfortable?

The finest undergarments can be made of a variety of materials, from lightweight, opulent ones like Lucent Satin, Organza, and Florence Net to more useful and comfy ones like Mulmul, Cotton Satin, and Jersey.

Depending on what seems comfortable to you. Boy shorts and bikinis are excellent choices for lounging at home. Choose a material like cotton that provides the most comfort, regardless of the 

types of panties

different kinds of panties you select.

Cotton is the best underwear fabric, even if you may have already heard this given the adorable women’s underwear styles and an assortment of materials available.

And what material is the simplest and softest against your skin? Cotton, indeed. Furthermore, it is permeable and absorbent, which might assist shield against yeast infections.

Nylon and spandex are examples of synthetic textiles that prevent the area from breathing. Instead, they serve as a perfect breeding ground for yeast infections by trapping heat and moisture.

Women’s Panties Best Fabrics

The materials listed below are for both the lingerie’s main body and any trims, appliques, or other decorative elements you might choose to use. To make sure your perfect underwear garment is made from the proper fabric, give it considerable thought.

Satin Lucent

types of panties

Making baby dolls and flirty nightgowns is a breeze with the gorgeously light, soft, and sparkly Lucent Satin fabric. The high-luster front reflects light, which makes it ideal for enhancing those private nighttime moments. It feels delicate and beautiful to the touch and glides over your skin with ease.

Silk Impression

types of panties

Silk Impression is a delicate fabric that is ideal for manufacturing lingerie because it is strong and exceedingly light (2.36 oz/yd). It nearly seems weightless as it smoothly and without any resistance glides over your skin. Both the front and back textures are cool to the touch, smooth, and silky. It features a semi-translucent, shimmering face that creates a classy, slightly faded print. Due to its glitzy silk appearance, it is one of the greatest materials for women’s undergarments including nightgowns and babydolls.


types of panties

Due to its natural origins, cotton satin is extraordinarily delicate to the touch. The face is silky and feels wonderful against the skin, despite having a matte finish. Elegantly draping, it’s perfect for a chic nightgown or a sweet pajama pair. Because it breathes well and feels cool, natural cotton is a gorgeous fabric to wear.

Mulmul Soft Muslin 

types of panties

The mulmul muslin is seductive in its special way, yet not every fabric used for underwear needs to be sensual and glamorous. For a “barely there” nightdress, its sheer-like texture and degree of transparency are ideal. It is so extremely soft and has a surface that almost feels brushed, which makes it a treat to wear in the evening.


types of panties

Jersey is the perfect fabric for supportive clothing like underwear or slips because of its bouncy, stretchy character. Additionally, it is perfect for everyday comfort loungewear because it moves with the body. Depending on the function you’d like it for, there are a variety of weights available. Because they are knit, jerseys are warm and soft in a way that Lycra cannot compare to. Because lingerie fabrics are so adaptable, you could even use a jersey to create a gathered baby doll or a thin robe.


You can wear attractive and seductive lace panties on all those important days spent with your loved one. These underwear are also transparent and seamless. Without wearing extra layers, the cloth is too thin to be worn during the cold. To avoid itching, discomfort, and rashes, ladies should only purchase lace from reputable brands of different types of female panties.


Organza is a lovely fabric to use to add ornamental touches to your lingerie because it is sheer, transparent, and has a hint of shine. Why not give your baby doll a petticoat layer or add shaped embellishments that delicately catch the light? Organza is the ideal material for underwear since it is sheer and has an ethereal appearance. Without adding any weight, it can offer a small stiffness that is perfect for undergarments.


Which Kind Of Panty Is Suitable For Daily Use?

Even though you’ve probably heard it before, cotton is the ideal fabric for underwear, and there are lots of adorable styles available in different materials.

How Do You Pick The Best Underwear For Your Body Type?

When seeking to select the ideal panty, there are numerous things to consider. You may need to think about size, comfort, and the shape of the panty in addition to knowing your body type. Don’t worry about all types of pants shapes too much, as some may not suit everyone, as long as you feel comfortable wearing them. Additionally, confirm that you are choosing the appropriate pant type and size.

Final Words

Any lingerie closet would be lacking without these 17 different types of panties, which every woman ought to own. Make your wardrobe rock-and-roll-ready by investing in these types of pants.